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  • In the IFOAM EU October newsletter:Big success for organic in new Horizon 2020 work programme 2016/2017 Climate change: Including...

  • 29 September 2015, EXPO 2015, Milan, Italy – Today, the Action Network: Organic Can Feed The Planet published...

  • IFOAM EU shares the greatest part of the recommendations in the three reports of the independent Expert Group...

  • IFOAM EU in association with the Italian Association of Organic Agriculture (AIAB) is organising a public seminar and...

  • Yesterday, 16 September 2015, was the deadline for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to table amendments to...

  • Greece and Latvia have announced that they will utilize the “opt-out” clause of a European Union rule that...

  • Switching to organic cotton could reduce the global warming impact of cotton production by 46% compared to non-organic...

  • A French court upheld a 2012 ruling in which Monsanto was found guilty of the chemical poisoning of...

  • What are the latest innovations that the organic sector has to offer and how could it be adopted...

  •  IFOAM EU is seeking someone to assist in two important areas concerning the IFOAM EU network: membership development and...

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    Organic Coffee!

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