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  • Grow Food. Fight Climate Change. Protect the Earth.On Earth Day, IFOAM - Organics International urges governments to address the role...

  • The European Commission has shelved a legal opinion confirming that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) produced through gene-editing and other new...

  • In the IFOAM EU April Newsletter:Showing the way at the 10th European Organic Congres Organic in Europe: Growth trends - Obstacles...

  • IFOAM EU is looking for four volunteers coming from Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia to take part in the European programme...

  • Brussels, 8 April 2016 – Today long-term IFOAM EU Director Marco Schlüter officially stepped down and Eduardo Cuoco was appointed...

  • Amsterdam, 4 April 2016 – Building on the strength of increasing influence and recognition for its strong advocacy work in...

  • Demand for organic food in Europe saw another record year of growth in 2014, however organic production is not moving...

  • Register before 18 March to discuss future agri-food systems and the role organic can play. Learn how Organic 3.0 &...

  • Register before 18 March to take part in assessing long and short term solutions for green growth, jobs in Europe...

  • Transgenic maize authorisation must be rescinded to prevent crossbreeding with new invasive speciesPotential for genetically engineered maize to crossbreed with...

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    Welcome to Instant Bliss & Happiness™©! OrganicCoffee.Net. Grind and drink! Wink, wink! Congratulations and welcome! Finally, Coffee with a mission and an agenda! That's us OrganicCoffee.Net! Liven up your sweet life like nothing else can! Go right ahead have Coffee your way! It's high time to upgrade to OrganicCoffee.Net asap! Drink it up baby!

    Which leading brand of Organic Coffee is or will soon be OrganicCoffee.Net? All shall soon be revealed!

    Organic Coffee!


    Organic Coffee!

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